These are the Kalamazoo Twins (there were two Kirkbrides in Kalamazoo). Katherine (a cheerleader), and Katie (marching band).
Mindy Mendocino (Mendocino State Hospital)
Wanda Warren senior picture - Warren State Hospital - Warren, Pennsylvania
A little about Wanda: Wanda loves fashion and she is an aspiring hair-dresser. She always wears the most popular trends, only she puts herself into the outfits. She gives all of her friends manicures and pedicures, and even works for a Mani/Pedi shop on the town square. 
Sarah Spring senior picture - Spring Grove State Hospital - Catonsville, Maryland
A little about Sarah: Sarah is a cheerleader in college, and she played volleyball in highshool and college. She’s very religious, and she was the president of the Oxford High School Christian Society. She’s pretty popular, and she is also rich. She is full of love and kindness, and will do anything to help others.
My passenger ship people! I’ve made characters out of mental hospitals, and now I am presenting to you my ship peeps :P
Sally Illinois and Barbara Bolivar posing in their cheerleading outfits for a yearbook picture! Like, OMG!