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Even WalMart is selling these horrible cards.
The thing I’m most afraid of is me. Of not knowing what I’m going to do. Of not knowing what I’m doing right now. Haruki Murakami (via amandahhplease) 1.979 Anmerkungen



For the first time CBS 5 News gets a tour inside the Nogales warehouse holding close to a thousand children who have crossed the border illegally and without their parents. You can see the slideshow of what we witnessed here:
What do you think the American government should do with these babies, children and teens?


Inside the US concentration camps where thousands of children are being warehoused for the “crime” of crossing an artificial border separating Mexican land from land that the US stole from Mexico.

[Also, I include the original text above as written by CBS News to demonstrate the bigoted way in which they even approach this clear crime against humanity].

Jesus, it looks like a fucking dog kennel.
Who the fuck decided that was okay?

Omg I hope the best for these poor kids. 😭😩

No. This is NOT okay. 

These intrepid travelers are clearly excited about #Yosemite150 as they wave from Yosemite’s Hanging Rock.
Excerpted from the education film “Yosemite Valley" from the Ford Historical Film Collection and recently digitally remastered from finegrain intermediates by our colleagues in the Motion Picture Preservation Lab.  Watch the complete film on the National Archives Youtube Channel:

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