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Colors of Fall

Dainty © AudreyColleenPhotography

Rita Hayworth lip print taken by makeup artist Clay Campbell
How can somebody just wake up one morning and decide they don’t want to talk to you anymore without any explanation, do they not realise how hurtful that can be? (via arctic-losers) 69 Anmerkungen

Photograph by hannes cmarits on 500px

Nearly a decade ago, I took the tunnel system at Rockland State Hospital to the gymnasium/theatre building.  After photographing the gym, I noticed a panel removed, leading under the stage.  Crawling under the stage, I reached a point where there was a hole in the floor - and directly beneath the hole, a bank of lockers.  I dropped down onto the lockers, and found myself in a room disconnected from the staircases inside the gym building - which turned out to be the machine room for the pin setters for a completely untouched bowling alley.  Unused in decades based on the used scoresheets still sitting on the alley’s tables, this was a place time had forgotten - bowling shoes still on the rack in a dark back corner; a billiards table that looked like it was just waiting for some players.  But the real attraction were the four dilapidated wooden lanes themselves; a testament to a time when recreational therapy was considered an important part of the healing process.  Today’s psychiatric facilities - designed with the notion of hurrying a patient through as quickly as possible and discharging them - rarely have such appointments.
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